“We move as people, so let our environment move with us”


“We move as people, so let our environment move with us.”


The title says it all. “We Move as people, so let our environment move with us.” This is my motto for the last couple of years about interior.
What I’m actually trying to say with this is, let your interior be the reflection of who you are. My interior has change for the last six years so am I as a individual. I know a lot of interior programs can make you believe that we all can have that interior within 24 hours and change it all again three months later because its then out of trend. But lets be honest, in Dutch we say this: “Een huis maak je” A house you make. It is never finish. You will find something you think it can be better or prettier.  So lets create a surroundings that suite for you and for your family. And it is okay to change it on a daily basis.
Like our family is always on the move. We live small. Father and mother both are dancers with a 5 year old (baby) girl. We live in a 50m square apartment. Not big at all. That is one of the reason why we wanted to have all white (floor, walls, curtains etc) so our rooms feels more spacious than it actually is (did you know that’s a trick from the scandinavian countries, because over there the days are shotter because of the sun).

 I like my morning starts by the window and lett the energy of the day comes into our apartment and into my body and mind. Drink my warm water with lemon and then start the day. But at the same window I find also very important to do my morning stretch. So for me it’s very important to have space by the window. That’s why we bought a foldable lounge chair. Second example is when Aoki have friends over, they always need to have more space to play. So thats why we bought a foldable table, no couch, so that they can play inside and make some messyness in our “livingroom”.

What I’m trying to say is don’t be afraid to listen to your own creative bubble. Don’t stick to the television and move around a little. Believe me it’s gonna invite some refreshing, new dynamics, and good energy into your home. For our little family is very important to have furniture that we can move around so it’s also moveable like our little family, “we move as people, so let our environment move with us”.

Have a good weekend guys.




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