Hidden work space



Hidden workspace


If you live in a small space you must be creative on so many levels. Along the way, you will learn what works and what doesn’t.
This blogpost is about our “hidden” work space.

In our small little living space we entertain, watch movies, dine with the family, create and we work, actually a lot these couple of days. So I find it’s very important to keep it light and moveable.
Tip: “Don’t forget to choose furniture that you can use in 10 different ways, which is very important in a small space.”

This is a little DIY desk my boyfriend built when we purchased an iMac. We wanted to have a little work space but we didn’t want a desk that used up all the space. So in our living room we have a little dead corner that we use to storage all our books, DVDs and CDs.
So we have transformed that little dead corner to a little hidden work space.



\ A little workspace in your small space

\ at least two wooden plank

\ A rail

\ nails

\ and some curtains (not necessarily)




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