A new month of cleansing

A month of cleansing



Hi guys. Sorry for my little absence for the last month. I need to find the right balance to dance, to teach, to blog and expecially the most important job to be a mom. Because lately I’m doing some new projects that you probably gonna hear soon about it but first lets cleansing our soul, body and mind…..

 A lot of people knows my religion believe. I’m doing this fasting not only for my religion but ONE of the most important reason is to cleansing my body. Not from the outside but from the inside. Eating healthy is not enough for me.. I need to go deeper than that.
Our organs needs to rest.
Think about it.. Your organs needs 10 to 13 hours to digest our meal. So when we are thinking about, whats for breakfast? Our organs are done with our evening meal. So actually they working 24 hours 7 days a week. They need a vacation once a year!
For 1 month in a year our organs needs to rest. And our minds must remain grounded. For me… a happier body is a happier life.




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