Rumah – Afra easy tips to make your house look more tidy and organized




Rumah – Afra Easy tips to make your house look more tidy and organized


I don’t like a cluttered house and a cluttered house is hard to keep clean. Organising your home can be very boring and daunting job. Beside of getting rid of excess stuff, there are a few things I want to share with you guys that you can do on a daily base that will make your house look and feel less cluttered and more organised.

\ Make the bed

Having a made bed, just makes a room seem more organised and cleaned up. There’s less visual clutter so your bed instantly appears cleaner.
The Minimalist‘ said that to start the day to making your bed every morning is correlated with better productivity, a greater sense of well-being.

\ Don’t pass it up

Don’t walk to another room empty handed – there’s almost always something in a room that belongs some where else – don’t pass it up, grab it on your way and put it where it goes.

\ Put things back

Avoid the mess in the first place by getting in the habit of putting away after they are used.
For example, when I get ready in the bathroom, I get out my make up and hair dryer, styling etc, when I’m finished I put them all back in the drawers/cabinets I got them from. This only takes seconds, no matter how late I’m running. I take the time to put it all away before I leave the bathroom.

[If you don’t have a place for it, you either need to make a place for it or toss/donate/giveaway it away.]

\ household while chatting

Most days I chat with my girlfriends or mom on FaceTime. Instead of sitting on the couch, I will get up and dust a room while we chat! Since I’ve become a mother Multi tasking is my best friend.

\ Letting go

Hanging on to stuff, the clutter, is only going to make your house look messier. LET go of the unnecessary stuff and keep only what is truly needed.

\ Don’t be lazy

This is probably my biggest household tip: “Don’t be lazy”! Clean as you go. You’ll be amazed that many things only take a few minutes to do if you clean as you go. Rather than hours of cleaning if you put it all off to do at once. If you stay on top of these things daily your house will look nice and you will be more organised and relaxed.



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