Welcome and thank you for choosing Rumah – Afra.
Rumah – Afra stands for minimal interior, simple decorating, small living, and living with a child. This online platform is created by Afra Ernst. Born in
Jakarta and moved to the Netherlands at the age of six. A professional dancer with a contemporary style. Afra has worked with Lina Limosani (Australian Dance Theatre), Nederlands Dans Theater, DOX, ISH, Laurent Flament, Het Holland Show Ballet and Sine Forma to name a few. Her eye for detail in interior design will always be connected with her passion for Dance, or how she calls it – movement.

This will always be her starting point. Afra’s love for minimalism and small living in combination with her movement, will reflect in imagery. Her vision in life:

“We move as people so let our environment move with us.”

Let’s create and let Rumah – Afra inspire you.
See the world through her eyes and follow her.


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