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  • My personal definition on minimalism


    My personal definition on minimalism



    For me… I am a highly sensitive person. Not only am I an artistic person, but my art is dance. I’ve danced since I could walk. Also studied dance for six years at an academy and still learning.
    It took me years to come to this conclusion and it took even longer to accept it. Having not to worry about every little thing is very challenging for me.
    My boyfriend on the other hand is great at letting things go. I am also a person that is easily stressed because I overthink and analyze situations or problems in detail. Letting things and problems go is something I should practice on a daily basis.
    So getting to know myself and understand that I am a human being, are all key elements that play an important role in my very own relationship with minimalism. I’ve found that having fewer things, subsequently fewer things to worry about and manage, brings me to my own peace and most important piece of my family. There is something really liberating about only having what you need and trying to avoid all sorts of unnecessary excess and needing less.



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